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Ep. 97 - Cross-cultural market entries with Lina Bartusevičiūtė

Episode Summary

In today’s podcast, we will focus on overcoming cross-cultural differences during meetings, negotiations and choosing a China strategy with Lina Bartusevičiūtė.

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About Lina Bartusevičiūtė
Lina got her HSK 6 in 2010 and became a sought-after Mandarin Chinese interpreter for official meetings and business delegations, and soon she noticed that language was just a minor barrier in building sustainable cross-cultural partnerships. So she got into a top Chinese school for diplomacy and after graduation opened LITAO in order to solve the issues arising in cross-border projects: language is important, but it's really the clarity in your competitive advantage for China market and quality in preparations that will make it work.

LITAO works to bring the best ideas and services to China market and make them appealing to Chinese businesses and consumers. Within 5 years of operations, they worked with over 100 companies and 200 individuals offering tailor-made strategies and go-to-market operations for governments, corporations and SMEs. They are accountable to over 6 mln. EUR investments, 40+ deals closed, and countless dreams made reality. LITAO is always on a lookout for the next big idea - let’s talk about yours!

LITAO's signature services include:

Together with guest host Simon de Raadt we will be covering the following topics:

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