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Bonus: TECOM conference impressions and insights

Episode Summary

China Business Cast was happy to be invited to the TECOM conference in Shanghai last weekend (23 March)! So I flew in from my home base Chengdu to Shanghai to investigate and get some quick insights from some of the guests. At the same time I powered through several live episode recordings that we will be releasing over the next periods. I had a blast and want to really thank Marian from WeHustle for the generous invite!

Episode Notes

First of all a big thank you to Marian from WeHustle for the invite and having us run around grabbing guests left and right. Thank buddy!

So this bonus episode is a bit of a different format. Where we normally have one or two guests in the episode and go in-depth on a specific topic, in this one we gather some impressions and quick insights from 7 guests to the TECOM conference.

For each guest we cover the these 3 questions:

A big thank you and shout out to our guests on this TECOM compilation episode:

  1. Micheal -
  2. Alvero -
  3. Wenny -
  4. Ossian -
  5. Daphne -
  6. Giuseppe -
  7. Andre -

This episode was supported by IMEX Sourcing Services! As mentioned in the episode they are looking for a 'Client relationship manager'. If you are interested in learning more about working for them, have a look on their careers website.

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